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Summer Workshops 2002 Video Clips - Spatial Pattern Analysis in a GIS Environment

We offer here several video clips produced from Dr. Getis' workshop, Spatial Pattern Analysis in a GIS Environment. The summer course introduced concepts of GIS and spatial pattern analysis in the Social Sciences. Sessions covered autocorrelation statistics, geostatistics, and exploratory spatial pattern analysis.

The intellectual property rights associated with these presentations belong to the lecturers, Dr. Getis, Dr. Goodchild, and Dr. Weeks. Use of these clips is restricted to educational and instructional uses and must not be sold or distributed in whole or in part without written permission from the presenters and Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science.

These excerpts were filmed using a Sony DV camera, edited with Adobe Premiere and compressed for the web using Macromedia Flash MX by our Webmaster, Gamaiel Zavala. There is a significant increase in quality of this year's workshop clips, both in content and visual clarity. The latest version of Macromedia's Flash player is required to view these clips. Download Flash player now.

Introduction to Spatial Pattern Analysis in a GIS Environment
The Nature of Spatial Pattern Analysis
Art Getis
Time: 9:58
Quality: High - 31MB
Quality: Low * - 3.3M
Problems Associated with Spatial Pattern Analysis
Art Getis
Time: 9:43
Quality: High - 31MB
An Introduction to GIS
Mike Goodchild
Time: 7:29
Quality: Audio Only ** - 2MB
GIS Functionality
Mike Goodchild
Time: 9:58
Quality: High - 33MB
Quality: Low * - 3.4MB
Current Technologies in GIS
Mike Goodchild
Time: 14:54
Quality: High - 48MB
Spatial Patterns of Birth Data
John R. Weeks
Time: 15:42
Quality: Audio Only ** - 5MB
Spatial Patterns of Fertility in Egypt
John R. Weeks
Time: 10:18
Quality: High - 32MB
Quality: Low * - 3.4MB
* Quality only affects the video content, not the additional overlays and slides.
** Audio is accompanied by lecture slides.

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