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Population Science and GIS
University Park, State College, PA - May 19-23, 2003
The application deadline was March 31, 2003.

Host institution and Co-sponsor
Pennsylvania State University:
Population Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute, Department of Geography, and the GIS Council

Stephen A. Matthews, Senior Research Associate and Director, GIA Core, Population Research Institute & Social Science Research Institute.

The Workshop
The goals of this workshop are to expose population scientists to the availability of geospatial data, to encourage critical and creative thinking about how different forms of geospatial data can be integrated into research designs, and to introduce spatial analytical methods for demographic inquiry. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations will cover issues associated with geospatial data handling (e.g., address-matching, deriving new variables, integrating different types of contextual data, and as using spatial analysis tools within a GIS for data visualization and modeling).

Many questions of concern to both domestic and international population scientists can be informed through a spatial or GIS perspective. Applications and demonstrations will draw from studies of urban poverty, neighborhood research, racial/ethnic diversity, maternal /child health, epidemiology, and population-environment. Exercises will be based on demographic and other socio-economic and health-related data commonly used by population scientists.

The workshop will introduce ArcGIS 8.2 (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcTools), review extensions such as Spatial Analyst and GeoStatistical Analyst, and expose participants to the coupling of Arcview 3.3 with spatial analysis packages (e.g., SpaceStat, Geographically Weighted Regression, CrimeStat, and David Wong’s program Seg).

The workshop will be mixed format, including short presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on lab sessions. There will be ample time for both formal and informal discussion.

Workshop Resources
Workshop participants will receive a resource packet containing materials used during the workshop. A CD-ROM will include (i) copies of all presentations and some of the data used in exercises, (ii) annotated web-site listings of important geospatial data sets and data sources (e.g., U.S. Census 2000 and international sources), (iii) GIS and demography projects (e.g., the National Historical GIS at the University of Minnesota), and (iv) annotated bibliographies of recent GIS articles (focusing on social science applications and some examples from the medical and environmental sciences). Please note that commercial software will not be distributed.

Workshop Presenters from The Pennsylvania State University:

  • Stephen Matthews, Senior Research Associate and Director of GIS Unit, SSRI, Associate Professor of Demography and Sociology (Adjunct Geography)
  • Mark Gahegan, Director, GeoVista Center, Associate Professor of Geography
  • David O’Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

GIS Lab Session Leaders and Support Staff

  • Jim Detwiler, SSRI GIA Core and Lecturer in the World Campus Certificate Program in GIS (Certified ArcGIS instructor)
  • Michelle Zeiders, SSRI GIA Core, Senior GIS Analyst (certified ArcGIS instructor)
  • Stephen Graham, SSRI GIA Core, Technical Manager and Senior GIS Analyst
  • Jason Smith, SSRI GIA Core, Graduate RA and Department of Sociology

Guest Presenters

  • Livia Montana, Measure+GIS coordinator, Macro International, Calverton, MD
  • Trudy Suchan, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington DC.
  • David Wong, Associate Professor of Geography & Earth Sciences at George Mason University.
  • Frank Tanser, Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies and the National Malaria Programme, Medical Research Council, Durban, South Africa
  • Paul Voss, Professor of Rural Sociology, Applied Population Laboratory, and the Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

An Invited Public Lecture will be arranged with support from The Pennsylvania State University GIS Council

There are no registration fees associated with CSISS workshops. Eligibility for attendance is determined through a competitive application process. Additionally, successful applicants may receive a $500 scholarship to help offset travel and lodging expenses. Full details will be outlined in letters of acceptance.


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