GIS Cookbook: Getting Started - How to Add Data after Opening a New View  
Keywords: Add data, new view, existing data
Category: Starters
Software: ArcView 3.2

Problem: How do I add data to my view or my project?

Description: After opening a new View or existing data, you will often need to add data to your view. The following recipe will show you how to execute this step. To see how to open a new View or existing project, refer to recipe How to open ArcView and a New View or Existing Project.

1) To open a new view in an existing project select the Views icon

within the project manager window, then select New.

2) To add data, select the Add Data button

The Add Data button can be found near the top of the ArcView 3.x window next to the Save button marked as a floppy disk icon. This will lead you to a directory where you can navigate to your data files to be uploaded onto the view.

3) After you have selected the title of the file on the directory, select OK.
Authored by: Sam Ying Modified: 9/9/03

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