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GeoDa™ 0.9.5-i - ESDA with Dynamically Linked Windows


GeoDa, the Geodata Analysis software is the successor to and a replacement for DynESDA2 and the DynESDA extension for ESRI's ArcView 3.x GIS. It is a freestanding program, built on ESRI's MapObjects LT2 technology, using the shape file format as the standard for storing spatial information.

GeoDa consists of an interactive environment that combines maps with statistical graphics, using the technology of dynamically linked windows. Besides its mapping functionality (including smoothers for rate maps) it contains the usual EDA graphs (histogram, box plot, scatterplot) and implements brushing for both maps and statistical plots. Maps can be constructed for points as well as polygons, and tools are provided to create one from the other (centroid computation, Thiessen polygons), as well as to construct various types of spatial weights. In addition, GeoDa contains a Moran scatterplot and LISA maps, both univariate as well as bivariate.

GeoDa 0.9 beta was released in early February, 2003, and is available for downloading from this site. The beta release is free for non-commercial use only. Make sure to read and accept the terms of the license before installing the software.

To obtain the software, click on the link below and save the setup.exe file in a designated directory. Double-click on the file in explorer or "run" the setup.exe and the installer will start. You are given the option to change the directories in which the program and sample data will be stored. Please ignore the very last screen (the one about updates).

Exploring Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook (5.1MB), the first complete version of the GeoDa™ workbook is now available for free download. It contains 244 pages with 25 chapters of step by step guidelines and exercises to learn all the features of GeoDa, including spatial regression analysis.

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