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Credits for Images and Resources at

The following people have contributed to this website:

  • Guylene Gadal, Gamaiel Zavala, Ann Ricchiazzi, and Abby Caschetta: Webmasters
  • Guylene Gadal, Sum Huynh: System Administrator
  • Matt Rice: Learning Resources
  • David Fearon, Jorge Sifuentes, and Eric White, Literature Search
  • Scott Crosier and Eric White: Social Science Data Archives Search
  • Eric White: CSISS Search Engines
  • Pragya Argawal, Nina Brown, John Corbett, Scott Crosier, Rob Farrell, David Fearon, Stacy Rebich Hespanha, Andrea Nuernberger, Matt Schroeder, Jorge Sifuentes, Ben Sprague, Chris Stoddard, Erik White, and Sam Ying:
    CSISS Classics
  • Jim Detwiler, Rob Farrell, Ben Sprague, Ethan Sundilson, Carlin Wong, Sam Ying:
    GIS Cookbook
  • Kevin Konty, and Luc Anselin: Spatial Tools Clearinghouse
  • Ann Ricchiazzi, Nick Nagle and Nina Brown: Editing of Workshop Video Clips 2001
  • Gamaiel Zavala: Editing of Workshop Video Clips 2002, 2003
  • Andy Woolley, author of Milonic DHTML Menu

The following images are used on this website:


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