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  • CSISS Classics - The foundations of spatial analysis span many disciplines over many generations of researchers and practitioners. CSISS Classics provides summaries and illustrations of major contributions to spatial thinking in the social sciences.

  • GIS Cookbook - The GIS Cookbook is a collection of simple descriptions and illustrations of GIS methods written with minimal jargon. The target audience are social scientists with an interest in introducing spatial thinking into their current research and who have some experience with computers but little to no exposure to GIS.

  • Choosing a GIS - Compares the most popular GIS packages to help educators choose one for classroom use. Products reviewed include ArcGIS, GeoMedia Professional, MapInfo, Idrisi Kilimanjaro, and Manifold.

  • GeoDa™ Software and Workbook - GeoDa is used extensively in the SPACE workshops for teaching spatial analytic methods. It has also proven itself useful in undergraduate education by providing instructors access to a free tool for exploratory data analysis in the classroom.

  • Virtual Globes - Virtual Globes have lately received much attention in the news in areas such as tourism, disaster management, and scientific research. In addition to professional applications, the easy access to Virtual Globe has attracted an enormous range of private users, including young children and students of all ages. Students who use the new technology at home or in the classroom are learning to look at and interact with the world in a fundamentally new way.

  • Presentations - This page provides access to presentations given at various events by SPACE personnel. The presentations are organized by speaker and provide basic information such as when, where and to whom it was given.


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