Advanced Spatial Analysis

This website is preserved as an Archive for the NIH-funded GISPopSci / Advanced Spatial Analysis Training Programs (2005–2013). Current resources in support of
Spatially Integrated Social Science
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CSISS maintains a user-searchable database of references to applications of Spatial Analysis techniques in the Social Sciences. This resource has been customized to service the needs of population science. In addition to the refinement of on-line search terms that feature key research themes in demography, the search domain has been expanded to capture references to the most significant serial publications in the population sciences. This bibliography contains 2329 total records.

Spatial Population Bibliography Report 315kb - Information on source journals, selection methodology, and keyword statistics.

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john publicjohn is a public person, John Public
"john public"John Public
"john*public"John Q. Public, John Public
-john publicpublic speaker, public property etc., but none of the above

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